Principal’s Blog: Week of Celebration

We don’t do Christmas parties but we do a brilliant week of celebration and shows as we come up to the last week of term.

This week students have been demonstrating in our Celebration Assemblies how well they can sing, dance or play an instrument – or in some cases all three. These are great assemblies and they are so far from the caricature presented in the media of bored youngsters listening to a lecture from a teacher; these are highly interactive, full of praise and recognition of what their year group has achieved and a showcase for the talent we have in such abundance.

This week we held a Showcase for parents too and an evening of entertainment of Dance, Drama and Music. The hall was full, the students were on a high after their performances and there were smiles all round. A brilliant evening. The photos are in our website gallery and a full video of the night will be on our YouTube Channel next week. It was no surprise, given the talent we have, to win the St Austell Music Festival this year, and you can read all about it here.

Last week we had some of our students working with Year 5 at Carclaze on an animation project. Carclaze have an ambitious mind-set and decided that it would be perfectly possible for Year 5 to make a full-length animation good enough to show in the White River cinema. So they did, and it was great to see our students working with younger ones, who were completely absorbed but also asking questions about life in secondary schools, what lessons were like, what Penrice was like and getting on together.

The other good news this week was the Year 9 team beating Truro School at rugby and the Year 7 holding Truro to a draw. Truro School has what is thought to be the best rugby side in Cornwall and they play across the South West. Truro are now the second best side in Cornwall; well done lads.

Today we had the Year 8 Christmas Fair. At Penrice, students choose the charities they wish to support and organise the events. They learn a lot about how to run a charitable event and the virtues of generosity and supporting others who are more needy or less fortunate than ourselves.

So we run up now to the last week of this term. Lessons are continuing at full steam until the end and we have plenty to do, especially poor Year 11 who have had night after night of coursework catch up and additional revision lessons.

We will finish at 1pm on Friday and then have a two week break with school commencing on Tuesday 5 January 2016.

David Parker, Principal

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