Penrice Completes Ten Tors Challenge

This weekend, six students from Penrice Academy completed the Ten Tors challenge, which sees teenagers from all over the South West taking on a 35, 45 or 55 mile self-sufficient expedition on Dartmoor. They were the first ever team to fly the flag for Penrice Academy.

The 35mile team, who are all from St Austell, comprised Ashley Gilder (14) Aron Snell (14) Henry Bees (14) Luke Taylor (14), Anaiya Atkinson (15) and was led by Ashley’s brother, Team Leader Sam Gilder, (15).  The team were supported throughout the weekend by Penrice Academy students Abby Munday and Matthew Cornfield who completed all the training and narrowly missed out on a team spot.

They got off to a flying start on Saturday morning, leading the 2400 participants up the first hill in the heavy rain as the 400 teams participating dispersed on their various routes. They faced nearly every type of weather possible over the 1 1/2 day expedition, taking it all in their stride. They managed 24 miles (38.5km) on their first day leaving them 11 miles (17.5km) on Sunday which, after a 6am start, saw them crossing the finish line at 11:30am.

Penrice Teacher and Team Manager Caroline Reade said she was “immensely proud” of their achievement: “They worked so hard, they gave up so much time for training and they worked so well together as a team. They deserve everything they’ve achieved. The team will be nursing blisters and aching bodies this week but are already contemplating taking on the 45 mile challenge next year.”