Peninsula Learning Trust

As part of an Academy Trust, we are proud to work together with local schools, sharing teaching, learning and support resources.

The Peninsula Learning Trust sees professionals such as teaching, IT and Finance staff acting as support across the communities. This enables us to share good practice and ideas, challenge each other to do better and work together to further improve quality of teaching and learning.

The history of PLT is relatively short. We started with four schools who wanted to build a multi academy trust with a distinctive ethos. We have grown and will continue to grow as other schools choose to buy into that ethos. We will not grow beyond the region around St Austell and want every academy to be reachable by any other PLT academy within a lunchtime. We are a local solution to the need for collaboration between neighbouring schools.

There are currently eight schools in the Trust: 


“The Heads of these exceptional schools have come together voluntarily as separate entities, but in agreement that we really are better together. It’s an exciting time for all the schools involved.” (Penrice Academy Principal and Peninsula Learning Trust CEO, David Parker)

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