Alongside supporting all students, here at Penrice we recognise the importance of challenging our most able students. Our innovative MAble (Most Able) programme does just that.

We aim to instill academic rigour, with a life-long love of learning. By teaching students in a creative and inspirational way, we open their minds to independent thought; the power of language through debate; and the ability to critically analyse both their own and other’s work.

Excitement and engagement are at the heart of the MAble ethos, and as such we run a wide range of events and learning experiences for our most able students. This year they include the science of rollercoasters in partnership with the education team at Thorpe Park, Macbeth with the RSC and workshops with top universities including Cambridge.

Our goal is to build on the huge exam success of this year’s MAble students and ensure that your children achieve results which open doors to their futures.