Learning Support

The learning support provision at Penrice Academy is Outstanding. We have worked exceptionally hard to create a number of inclusion centres that support students academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

The centres include our Learning Centre, Student and Family Centre, Learning Inclusion Centre, Effective Learning Centre, a centre for outdoor learning and a teaching facility dedicated to intervention and support. We have a teacher dedicated to our children in care, school counsellor and even have our own school therapy dog – Harvey! The centres are run by a team of passionate professionals dedicated to making sure all students attending Penrice have a happy, safe environment in which all can learn and flourish.

Effective Learning Centre

The Effective Learning Centre at Penrice Academy is a short term but full time intervention centre for students who are struggling in mainstream school as a result of behaviour issues. The ELC Team are based on site and students remain Penrice students during the time they are part of the centre. They take up to ten students from KS3, over 12-26 weeks, and provide core curriculum subjects as well as group work, 1:1 intervention and counselling. Where possible, students will also be taught options subjects. The Effective Learning Centre is an intervention and not a punishment.  The ethos behind the centre is that we are helping students develop emotional intelligence, to understand their behaviour, the impact negative behaviour has on them and others, and also to raise self-esteem and aspiration. The Effective Learning Centre team have a proven record in successfully helping students to re-engage with school, and most have gone on to achieve at a much higher level than before the intervention. They are a small team and so develop strong relationships with students and parents/carers, which really helps when students reintegrate into mainstream school.