French Theatre Comes to Penrice

On Friday 13th January, the Hall at Penrice played host to a foreign language theatre company for the very first time.

The Onatti French Theatre Company performs plays in French and Spanish specifically aimed at KS3 new language learners. Last week, students in Years 7, 8  and 9 enjoyed the plays  – performed entirely in French – having been introduced to parts of the script in lessons beforehand. They could also refer to a vocabulary list if needed.

Mrs Oddy, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, explained: “The company uses actions and gestures to help students with their confidence when it comes to listening to a foreign language. Watching a play in French shows the students that they are capable of understanding what’s going on.”

The play ended with an opportunity to ask the actors questions, with students eager to hear how long it took to put together and to clarify parts of the play they didn’t quite understand.