Enterprise Finalists at Proper Cornish

Following the hugely successful Enterprise Day last term, 9AS took full advantage of their prize with their visit to Proper Cornish HQ, in Bodmin.

The team was met by Mark Muncey, Marketing Director at Proper Cornish, Kate Whetter from Cornwall Learning and Harry, the Health and Safety Operations manager, and taken into a ‘very structured environment’ with stringent questionnaires about their health and a full briefing on Health and Hygiene.

Mrs Stevens said: “We were given hats, shoe covers and protective clothing and followed their hand washing protocol – any rules we didn’t follow could have a huge effect on the production line. To say that we all wished we had worn more clothes was an understatement as the whole factory was kept at a very cool temperature; the coldest part was by the cylinder freezing unit which blast chills the pasties  at  -30 degrees!”

They experienced the pasty making process with a team who had started at 3am that day, from a metal detecting sieve to the mixing room, where the various ingredients for each type of pasty are mixed together. The students learnt how important it is that each variety is made separately and fully cleaned before the next batch can be made. Then came the Pasty line, where pastry meets filling and the talented hand crimpers make their mark.

Sophie Skipiol said: “It was really interesting; I learnt that team work takes a key role in making pasties!”

Mrs Stevens said: “9AS had a great time and were fully immersed in the world of Proper Cornish, and hopefully we can visit again when their brand new factory is up and running.”

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