Principal’s Blog: Anti-Bullying Week

Next week is National Anti-Bullying Week. We will be working hard that week to promote all the initiatives we have in school to make sure that our students are safe, happy and secure. Read more. For us every week is anti-bullying week, but that does not mean we never have any child who feels threatened… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Big Changes in Education

The news this week has been full of educational change announcements. Firstly, that young people who do not reach the required standard in Key Stage 2 tests whilst at primary school will have to re-take them in Year and possibly again in Year 8 until they pass. We have been thinking about the implications of… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Road Safety

Road safety has been the theme for assemblies with our younger students this week. This comes from our concern that they are not good at crossing roads. There is a group mentality about if you cross a road with friends, then someone else is watching the traffic. The result is that no one in the… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Looking at Your Future

Another busy week at Penrice Academy. Year 10 have been looking at their future with a visit to the Cornwall Careers Show. They will have accumulated a lot of leaflets and brochures from prospective employers, but much more importantly will have given serious consideration to their future. I do follow the fortunes of our ex-students;… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: An Interesting week

It’s been an interesting week. We began on Monday with clear water running from our taps but within 20 minutes it had turned brown. South West Water were called and they reassured us that the water was safe and, although discoloured, would quickly run through to clear again. All seemed well until just as first… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Distance Assessment

The question the staff often ask themselves is ‘How effective am I at what I do?’. In the same way that we continually test and monitor the young people in the school and how well they are learning, we test and monitor what the adults in the building do too. On one level this is… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: A Zest for Life

This week we held our annual Open Day and Open Evening, inviting all the Year 6 pupils in the town schools to spend a day with us to give them a taste of life at Penrice, and to see what secondary schools are like. We asked for hands up on who had a brother or… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: A Proud Week for Penrice

  Two weeks into the new term and already the school is into its routines; the Year 7 no longer look lost and the new Year 11 Senior Prefect Team have smoothly taken over and are running break and lunch times. We have run two Information Evenings this week for prospective parents and this year… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: The First Week

The first week of the new term is over. Our new Year 7, the 55th year group to start at this school, are finding their feet and feeling part of the academy and the number of requests to help find classrooms has dropped to a trickle. The weather this week has felt more like the… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Welcome Back

Welcome back to a new school year and to our new website, which is much easier to use and contains a lot more information. We will be using the website and Facebook pages to give even more information about the academy; what we are doing, dates, holidays, trips and news, so please do keep checking… Read more »

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