Principal’s Blog: Year 8 Tasters

It’s been a good week at Penrice and the sun also came out at times too which means we can have some more active break times. Many of our students want to be active at breaks and all of them enjoy being outside, so any breaks in the rain are welcomed. Year 8 have been… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Online Safety

This week the staff have been managing issues connected with our students using social media unwisely. We did this last week too, and the week before. We may well be doing the same next week. It is a growing national issue and Penrice is no exception. Penrice staff are probably more engaged in helping students… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: The School Community

This week the Ofsted report on Cornwall College was published and as it is the place where the majority of our students go after leaving us, I was delighted to read that it had been given a ‘Good’ rating, with some very encouraging words about the 16-19 provision. We are fortunate in having both Truro… Read more »


Principal’s Blog 2016: Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of our parents and well wishers. Term has started again and already after a few days, it feels very calm and relaxed and all the great things that were happening last term have quietly been reignited. Rehearsals for Midsummer’s Night Dream are underway again and it is a joy to stand… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: End of the Year

This week saw 250 Year 7-9 students disappear into mist and drizzle at 3.15pm in the afternoon – leaving me wondering if I would ever see them again. This was the Race for Life, a sponsored run organised by staff and students to raise money for cancer relief. Many of the students carried the names… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Week of Celebration

We don’t do Christmas parties but we do a brilliant week of celebration and shows as we come up to the last week of term. This week students have been demonstrating in our Celebration Assemblies how well they can sing, dance or play an instrument – or in some cases all three. These are great… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: A Week at Penrice

What is a week like at Penrice? Never less than very busy. This week we have seen another range of new experiences and events and next week and the week after will be the same. This week we want to congratulate Madi Cole in Year 9 who has won her way through to the final… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Quarter-Term

This weekend we are trialling having a mini ‘quarter term’ break to see if it reduces the tiredness and lack of concentration we can get in December, as the fatigue of the term starts to affect our students. It seems hard to imagine that sitting at a desk working on sums or adjectives, molecules and… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Making Sense of It

This week we have been thinking about events in Paris knowing that, like 9/11 for a previous generation, this will be one of the key events remembered from childhood. It has been difficult for our students to make sense of it all and of how they feel about it. There is the obvious reaction of… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Understanding Paris

The events of Friday 13th November in Paris will remain in our minds possibly for the rest of our lives. In the same way we remember the moment we heard about the death of Princess Diana, or the 9/11 news reports, this weekend of death and terror on the streets of Paris will haunt us…. Read more »

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