Star Students: Year 11 Awards

On Wednesday 23rd March we held our annual Year 11 Awards, celebrating the achievements of those students who have gone above and beyond in particular subjects, awarding an ambassador for each subject and celebrating, with their families in the audience, their time with us at school. Awards were based not only on contributions in individual… Read more »


Primary Maths Olympics

On Thursday 17th March, Penrice Academy hosted it’s annual Year 6 Maths Olympics Day. Th day saw local Primary Schools compete in an all-day Maths event for gifted and talented Year 6 students, including a range of activities not only testing the students’ mathematical skills but also their ability to work as a team. Mrs… Read more »


Year 9 Tenner Challenge

This week and next, Year 9 Business Studies students are participating in the Tenner Challenge – with the aim of starting their own businesses based on a £10 start up provided by the Tenner Challenge Project. Mrs Hanton said: “This is such an interesting project which gives the students the freedom to think creatively when… Read more »


Spring Celebration

This week saw our termly Celebration Assemblies jam-packed with awards, special mentions and applause for the things our students have achieved this term – from merits and Midsummer to music, sports and trips. It was also an opportunity to celebrate those students who are on 100% for their attendance throughout this term. Mrs Cromey told… Read more »


RIPSCENE to sell at Eden

As part of the National Young Enterprise Programme, Penrice Academy’s aspiring young business men and women of RIPSCENE will be competing to sell their products at Eden this weekend, against 11 of the county’s schools and colleges. They are all set to sell their newly created products at a Spring fair on Saturday 19th March…. Read more »


Technology in Schools

By Thomas, Sebastian, Jude and Patrick Four Digital geniuses explore the use of technology in education. The inspiration for this report stemmed from the students examining how many digital devices were being used around school and how they influenced learning. In this report, students explore the question: “What do people think of iPads being used… Read more »


Principal’s Blog: Star Students

This week has been a phenomenal one for our students. There have been so many candidates for ‘Star Students’ that I don’t know where to start. On Tuesday we welcomed seven primary schools from around St Austell to take part in a Skills Festival, ran by Miss Hocking. She has listed a number of Year… Read more »


Gymnastics Club – why so popular?

By Abby, Gracie, Emily and Sarah Will Gymnastics Club go on for AGES? Today, AGES (Abby, Gracie, Emily, Sarah) have been exploring the reason for the abundance of members in the new gymnastics club. Through interviewing members of the club, watching how they work together as a team, and observing the progression pupils involved with… Read more »


The Big Debate: The EU

By Daisy, Bella and Kordelia (pictured above, talking to BBC Radio Cornwall’s Matt Shepherd) On the 23rd of June, 2016, Britain will be voting for whether or not Britain should leave the EU. We are going to be looking at people’s opinions, on the subject of the EU. What is the EU? The European Union… Read more »


Obesity Developing Devious Diseases

  Mental Health and Obesity By Maisie, Stephanie and Jasmine Today we are at Penrice Academy, Cornwall, interviewing teachers about obesity and child mental health. The teachers we asked were: Mrs Knowles – a catering teacher, she believes that eating balanced diet can prevent obesity. Miss Libby – a member of the student and family… Read more »

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