Art Trip to Falmouth University

On Wednesday 18th, Art students from Year 9 attended a workshop day held by Falmouth University graphics department at the woodland campus.

Penrice students and some students from Bodmin College took part in an ‘Introduction to Media and Graphics’, which included a short presentation of the media and graphics courses at Falmouth and a tour of the facilities.

They then had the rest of the day to produce their own booklets to create narrative using simple graphics. A combination of lines, simple shapes and various lettering was used as well as some hand illustrated aspects to represent the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They were given some templates but had the creative freedom to design their own typography book.

Art Trainee, Miss Shapely, said: “The students loved the day. It was lovely for them to experience the university and an area they are interested in. Some first year students were present to help with the day and tell them about the vast courses available.”

Congratulations to Casey Coyte, who won an award for one of the best booklets made during the day, and received a graphics book as a prize.